Monitoring Services

Peace of Mind Home Monitoring offers comprehensive and professional home watch services. With our company you and your family can rest with the Peace of Mind knowing we will respond to your maintenance or adverse conditions that can affect the security and integrity of your home. We are also at your disposal to assist in anything that can help make your stay more enjoyable.

Peace of Mind will perform weekly check-ups while you are away. We begin by meeting with you at your home or by phone if you are not available. We conduct an in home consultation and evaluation of your home and get all information into our data base. Contact Us today and let's talk about how we can help give you that Peace Of Mind!

Basic Monthly Service Contracts:

Description Pricing
Interior Checklist
Check for flashing clocks, inspect for possible power outage problems Included
Check that doors/windows are locked Included
Run waters to fill sewer traps Included
Check under sinks for leaking pipes Included
Flush toilets ~ listen for cycles to finish before leaving Included
Check for signs of pest infestation Included
Check for signs of mold, unusual sounds or smells Included
Refrigerator/freezer - operation & temperature settings Included
Dishwasher - check for leaks/run rinse cycle once a month Included
Garbage disposal - operate once a month to prevent sticking Included
Check food pantry for leaking bottles, chewed containers Included
Air Conditioning - temperature & thermostat check Included
Smoke Detectors - inform if dead battery alert is beeping Included
Security lights/timers - inform if light bulbs are burned out Included
Check electrical panels for tripped breakers if warranted Included
Check that garage door motor is unplugged or locked as directed Included
Digital pictures if requested Included
Exterior Checklist
General observation exterior of home, landscape Included
Remove newspapers, solicitations, phone books Included
Check doors & windows for signs of weather damage, vandalism Included
Visual inspection of landscaping for weeds, pests, general health Included
Check spigots for leaks Included
Visual check of shades/automatic shades, remove nesting materials if able to reach Included
Check mail box for mail/tampering Included

Additional Services

Description Pricing
Fresh Flowers for you and your Guest $15 per Month
Cleaning Services
(without laundry)
$35 per visit
Cleaning Services
(with laundry)
$60 per visit
Pre-Check in cleaning $10 per visit
Vehicle starting and moving $10 per month
Trash $10 month
Emergency Home visits between 8am – 6pm $25 per plus $35 hour after the first hour
Between 6pm and 8am Rates are $50 plus $45 per hour one hour Minimum
We will also Meet service providers or deliveries at a rate of $35 per hour one hour Minimum